Why is our beef so tender? I mean really tender and delicious?

It is because our beef cows are well taken care of! We feed them a well rounded nutritious diet, we have professional nutritionists that we meet with regularly, our beef cows have the best diet in the world!

Angus cows have a high marbling content which creates tenderness and a bold flavor! 


 Our beef is grass fed, corn finished cross-bred Angus! 

Our beef cows eat grass a majority of their life, and are finished on corn to add the flavor that we all love! We raise beef cows for the purpose of making great beef!

We are offering to our families and friends fall beef for your freezer!

We offer a few different options that will help facilitate your budget! It can be a lot of expense when purchased at one time.

We have a few solutions to make it easy on your budget!

We all worry about making great food choices for ourselves and for our families! We believe you make a great choice with beef! We believe it is a healthy protein choice! We eat it and live a healthy active lifestyle! We want to share this great protein source with you! There is some great information at beef.org!





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