Give the gift of free dairy products for life!

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What if you could give a gift that would last a life time? Wouldn’t that be cool?

Your gift would allow the ones you love to receive free dairy products for life!

Every week they would receive a free gallon of milk, that’s 52 gallons of free milk per year!

It also brings with it multiple educational opportunities! Pictures, videos, live events to watch your calf being taken care of and fed!

We all know that with our fast paced life, good nutrition can be hard to come by!

When you purchase a baby calf for someone you love, each week we will send them a certificate for free dairy products!

They can use their certificate anywhere they shop!

Give the gift of nutrition this year! Give it for life!

Both you and your loved one will be able to learn all about and watch your baby calf through live social media events!

Just one 8-ounce serving of milk has 8 grams of protein, which builds and repairs muscle tissue (an equal serving of almond beverage has only 1 gram of protein). One serving of milk also meets the daily values (DV) for the following nutrients (based on Food and Drug Administration guidelines):

  • Calcium (30 percent): Helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth
  • Riboflavin (25 percent): Supports body growth, red blood cell production and metabolism
  • Phosphorus (25 percent): Strengthens bones
  • Vitamin D (25 percent): Helps promote the absorption of calcium
  • Vitamin B (22 percent): Helps convert food into energy
  • Potassium (11 percent): Regulates fluid balance and helps maintain normal blood pressure
  • Vitamin A (10 percent): Promotes good vision and healthy skin
  • Niacin (10 percent): Promotes proper circulation

We are offering the coolest christmas gift ever!         Visit our website and see how it works!

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