Our families #10 Gallon Challenge!

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We often take for granted the fresh wholesome dairy products that we consume everyday!

Many of the dairy farms that supply the milk that goes into creating these great dairy products are suffering from very low milk prices!

Many of these dairy farms are going out of business! They need our help!

The #10 Gallon Challenge!

1) Go to your local hometown supermarket, or your small hometown convenience store and purchase 10 gallons of milk! 

2) Deliver it to your local food bank or pantry!


Here is our families #10 Gallon Challenge! 

Our family is offering a one year supply of free milk! That is one free gallon of milk every week for one year! 

How to win:

1) Purchase 10 Gallons of Milk!

2) Deliver to your local food bank!

3) Send us a picture of your receipt for 10 gallons of milk purchased from your hometown grocer, and a picture of your local food pantry that you delivered your 10 gallons of milk to!

4) We realize that many of you are very short on time! We have provided a way for you to purchase your milk online and we will deliver it to the food pantry for you!

We will draw the lucky winner on December 31, 2018!

Purchase 10 Gallons of Milk to be delivered to the Food Bank Here!

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