We are offering cut and wrapped spring beef for your freezer! Our beef is fed a variety of grass and finished with corn. Our goal is to create a flavorful tender cut of meat!  Our beef is aged for 10-16 days! It is then cut and wrapped and flash frozen, and then delivered to you! You will be receiving some of the most tender cuts that you will ever taste!

Ordering and paying for a quarter or half of a beef can be a challenge for some families, even though it is significantly cheaper then purchasing the same quantity through the grocery store over time! Here are our options:

You can choose from the following delivered weights in three sizes:

A) 50 lbs that will be made up of steaks, roasts and hamburger; at the same ratio that we find in the 1/2 beef and 1/4 beef. – to see this ratio, refer back to our beef page and click the picture of the cow, and it will link you to a page from Cornell University that describes approximately what to expect! Typically, 40% Hamburger, 40% Roasts, 20% Steaks.

B) 1/4 beef approximately 200 lbs,

C) 1/2 beef approximately 400 lbs,

We are introducing our subscription plan.  Example: If you order a quarter of a beef which is around 200 lbs, the total would come to $1100.00. When you choose to pay $100/month, we would start delivering your beef to your home every 90 days or as soon as you have made 3 of your 15 monthly payments. We would then continue to deliver to your home every 90 days!  If you choose 50 lb, we would deliver to your home in 60 days or as soon as you have made your first 3 payments!

If you don’t think you have room, there are some great mini chest freezers that have a very small footprint. You can literally place them in the corner of a room and they will be out of the way. Most of the mini freezers will hold up to 1/2 of a beef. We will provide a link where you can find one at a really reasonable price!

To purchase beef and for a list of delivery dates click on the picture!

Purchase Beef
Purchase Beef

How to proceed with your single one time *purchase:   Select the number of pounds that you would like to order and it will be placed in your “cart”, i.e. 50 lbs, 200 lbs, 400 lbs. Go to your cart, … Continued

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