Now it’s your turn!…………. Purchase a calf for your family!

Pick one of the following options:

1. Help us share our milk with the homeless! Each week for 24 months, donate a gallon of milk to the homeless shelter. You will then be invoiced $17.50 each week through PayPal and that will be applied to the feed and care of your calf. You will of course also receive your free gallon of milk each week as a part of owning your calf! 

Option 1

2. Pay for your calf’s expenses at the beginning of each month! We will send you an invoice on the 20th of each month, for $75.00, for 24 months, for the feed and care of your calf that will begin on the 1st of the next month.

Option 2

3. Pay for your calf all at once. When your card is charged, the total amount will go into your calf’s holding account and the monthly expenses will be withdrawn to cover the cost of the feed and care of your calf!

Option 3

Want to know more about the cost of raising a calf?


Just passing through and want to help someone in need today? Send a gallon of milk or other dairy products to a local homeless shelter! Give someone the gift of real nutrition!  

Send $5.00 In Dairy products to the Homeless Shelter!

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