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2 beef carcus

When you order from us, your options to receive butcher wrapped, 14 day dry aged beef are:

box –50 lb  
qtr – 200lbs
half – 400lbs
whole beef – 800lbs 

Included within your order of beef are some great cuts including ribs

Many folks wonder how to cook up a good set of ribs?  

These guys here show us the way to good tastin ribs


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Steps to good ribs:

1) Indirect heat – Rick does not cook the ribs directly over the flame. This allows you to be able to control the temperature. 

2) Cook slowly – Because you can control the temperature, you can control the time it takes for you to finish your ribs to the desired tenderness/doneness of your liking! 

3) Use your choice of smoking chips like a hickory or a mesquite flavor! This will add flavor to your cut of beef!

4) Catch the natural flavor of the meat “fat drippings,” to enhance the flavor of the potatoes cooking in the pan! 

We all want to cook like this don’t we!  


All credit given to – Rick Bolzani from Over the fire cooking! 

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When you make any purchase with us, we will include a bottle of Stubb’s BBQ Sauce, with your order! 

We just want to say “Thank you for ordering our beef!”

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