Sample Packages of Steaks

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Many of our farm family “customers” have been asking if they could see what is included in our cut and wrapped beef! The beef is usually wrapped in butcher paper and is hard to see. 

Our butcher now vacuum packs the cuts of beef. Below are some of the vacuum pack cuts we received this week. 

Two New York Steaks
Two Ribeye Steaks
Two Tenderloin Steaks
Sirloin Tip Roast
Flank Steak
Chuck Roast

We are currently taking orders for the spring crop of finished beef. We walked the pastures today and it looks like those beef will be finished fattening around the 1st of February. 

When the beef are finished we will then send them to the butcher and they will be ready about the 21st of February. Our beef is going fast. Be sure to get your order in! Many of our dates with the butcher get moved closer! When they do we fill the next available orders! 

Be sure to check back often. We will be updating this page with some of our other cuts, including hamburger and some of our roasts.  

What do you do with a chuck roast?  

Our beef tastes fantastic! 

It goes with everything! 

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