Ever wondered how milk gets from our cows to your table? Our friends at Bob White Systems have created a few videos that explain how we handle milk to ensure we produce for our families the very highest quality milk that we can. 

Milking Process

After a cow is milked, the milk is sent to a holding tank and then on to a pasteurizer. The pasteurizer that has been developed, has very low impact on milk and preserves the flavor and freshness of our cream-line milk. 


Bringing fresh, local, wholesome milk to your family and ours, is our goal! Help us share our milk with both your family and those who are less fortunate!


We do not homogenize our milk. You always receive the freshest, most natural milk that a cow has to offer.


From Our Cows to Your Table

Now you know more about the process of getting milk from our cows to your table. If you have further questions, you can read our Frequently Asked Question, or contact us for more information.

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