The Story of Your Calf!

The Story of Your Calf

The story begins when a mother cow has a new baby calf. What to do? Well she needs to be cared for just like any other baby. Through the years we have figured out just what needs to be done to help your baby calf grow into a mother cow.

This is How it Works:

We place your baby calf at our family friendly dairy, or at a family dairy that is local to you. This is a real dairy that you can view online! You will be able to see, follow and be involved with your calf online!

Each week we will send you a picture pal card, including information about each ingredient in her diet, her living arrangements, her health, her growth rates, and various other activities that occur on the farm. You will be able to watch your calf grow into a mature cow on social media.

 Your Baby Calf Will Be Hand Fed Twice a Day.This baby calf was born in June of 2017. She was born weighing in at 81 lbs! 

For the first 48 hours she receives colostrum from her mother. It gives her extra immunity through antibodies and bolsters her immune system. 

Every morning your calf will drink 3 quarts of milk,  and every afternoon she will drink 3 more quarts of milk! That is 6 quarts of milk every day! That will help her gain about 2 pounds each day! 

Your baby calf will begin to eat a few pounds of calf grain mix each day.Corn Mash to Provide Your Calf Energy

It is made up of corn, protein pellets, and molasses! Corn provides energy!

Protein Pellets to Help You Calf Grow Big and Strong.

Protein pellets made from canola and soy beans give the calf the nutrition to grow strong bones and muscle! 

Molasses Makes the Corn and Protein Pellets Taste Good to Your Calf

Molasses binds the corn and pellets together and give the feed a sweet taste!

Your Calf Starts Eating Alfalfa After 6 Weeks 

After 6 weeks, one pound of alfalfa and/or grass will be introduced into my diet! While I am young, my stomach works more like a mono-gastric stomach. As I get older I need my stomach to develop so that I can begin to digest forages! Each month as I grow older I eat more forages (grass) and less grain. Mamma Cows Mostly Forage for Grass.

How Much Does It Cost When You Buy A Calf?

Before a baby calf is even born, there are quite a few costs that are incurred by the dairy farmer. There are vet bills, barn costs, labor and materials. A baby calf cost between $300.00 and $400.00 dollars the day she is born! It then costs about $1.95/day for the next 24 months for her feed.


For 12 Weeks, Each Baby Receives Very Personalized Care! 

  • Each calf has her own home and is fed milk by hand twice a day! She also receives a grain mixture formulated for energy and protein to help her grow. 
  • Her average cost of feed, spread over 24 months is around 1.95 per day. 
  • We have a professional dairy nutritionist to help us understand the feed markets and how we can blend together ingredients to help your calf grow into a mature cow! 

 What You Need to Know:

  • When you purchase a calf and pay for it, you will own your very own calf-cow forever!
  • It takes 24 months from the time she is born until she becomes a mamma cow and is considered full grown. 
  • After she becomes an adult cow, you still own her! Yup she is still yours! 
  • She can stay with us forever! While she is here we will continue to feed her and take very good care of her! 
  • Each week you will continue to receive your choice of dairy products for as long as she is on the farm!

What Do We Do With Her Milk?

  • One gallon goes to your family each week!
  • If you have purchased a calf for someone else, one gallon goes to that person-family each week.
  • The rest of her milk is sent to our creamery and the income is used to purchase her feed, and pay for other expenses that she will incur, such as the vet, the nutritionist, and labor to feed her and the rent on the farm facilities where she will live!
  • To the right, you can see some of the ingredients that will be purchased for your calf. All these feeds contribute to the growth and health of your calf/cow!



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