Our mission is to provide locally produced, hormone free milk from grass fed cows for your family and ours. While producing and creating healthy nutritious dairy products, we also want to share with those who are less fortunate.

By Purchasing Your baby Calf, Families Like Yours and Civic Minded Businesses Help Us Accomplish Our Mission!

Purchasing Your Baby Calf Helps Our Mission.

When Purchasing Your Baby Calf,  You Become Part of Our Farm Family! 

You Will Receive:

1. A certificate for a free gallon of milk or a choice of another dairy product each week! That is 52 free gallons of milk each year!

 2. A picture pal card each week giving you vital information updates about your new calf!

3. The ability to engage with your calf on social media, to learn about your cow’s life, milk production, and to see what it is like to be a bovine!

When you purchase your calf, it will live with us at the farm or be placed on a family friendly farm near you! Your calf will be raised by hand until it becomes a mamma cow, which takes about 24 months! You will be able to engage with your calf on social media. We will be posting regular updates, pictures, live video clips and other information that will help you understand the day in a life of your calf! The cows are a part of our family’s farm life, and we want to provide that same experience for you and your family!

Learn About Life On The Dairy.

Whether you live near or far, each week you will receive a certificate for a free gallon of milk or other dairy equivalents, such as cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, or butter!

Families that are near our location can visit our farm store and use their certificate to pick up our cream line milk or other dairy products! If you live in a location that is far from our farm, you will be able to redeem your certificate at your local grocery store and/or anywhere you find dairy products from local dairies in your area! 

At the farm store we will also carry a variety of other dairy products along with farm produce, homemade breads, pies,  jams, jellies and homemade ice cream!

Our goal is to bring fresh and local products back to our communities, and in the process help eliminate food deserts. Food deserts have been created by current marketing practices that prioritize profit over our local communities food availability. By purchasing a calf for your family, as a gift, or for someone less fortunate, you help us achieve our goals together! We are able to bring together our local communities with their local food supply! Local farm to local table!



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