$5.50/lb Spring Beef is Back!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

It may still be winter, but summer BBQ season is fast approaching! Get your great tasting beef in the freezer now and find those new recipes now to try out on the neighbors!   

On cold winter nights, your family deserves the best beef for dinner!

Its that time of year again, we have black Angus steers that are almost finished! 

They are about 30 days away from going to the butcher.

Black Angus beef is known for their high level of marbling, and their finely textured meat, which makes for a great flavored, tender cut of steak, or roast! 

These finished steers are going to grade high choice – low prime. 

There are “fixen” to be some really tender cuts of great tasting beef in this round!

As always, the butcher is super busy, and we have to secure space weeks in advance. Follow the links below and order today! 


Order Beef Here

Need great ideas for cooking our delicious beef? 

With the explosion of social media, there is instant access to great cooking!

We follow many great cooks, from backyard BBQ, to social media sensations like Derek Wolf @ Over the fire Cooking! 

Because we spend so much time outdoors, his style of cooking is our favorite! 

Purchase great tasting beef here!

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